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November 24, 2006

My cellphone is sozzled!

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Not strictly. I don’t own one. But read me out. I was getting off the transit bus at the airport when a guy’s cellphone decided it needed to cool off. It peeped out of his trouser pocket, spotted this pool of dirty water on the tarmac and dived straight into it. I told the guy where he should look for his mobile if he wanted to make a call. And was he horrified? He hesitated a bit, realised his mobile was more precious than clean fingers and picked it up.

I asked my husband what he would do if his mobile ever fell in the drink – “drink” of course could be a puddle, a filled bathtub, a glass of beer, the sea or simply the WC. “It won’t” he said firmly. “What if?” I insisted. He said he would throw it away. Not everyone would, I thought, and began my research. And this is what I found in Yahoo Tech. A writer wrote:

The Cell Freak has all the collected wisdom on the topic, including some advice I’d never heard, like soaking the phone in 95% alcohol to dissolve all the water trapped inside. I’ve personally had good luck with low level heat for wet phones and laptops: A few hours on the lowest setting inside an oven (150 degrees or thereabouts) can dry out a gadget and make it good as new. Remember to remove the battery from any device you attempt to salvage.

Suggestions from readers came fast and thick.

[1] I saved a phone after an ocean immersion by resoaking it in distilled water to displace the salt. It should displace the minerals in regular water also. I put it on the dash of the car for a few sunny (not hot) days and when the battery was put back in it worked fine.

[2] A friend of mine told me that body temperature would be the perfect temp to dry out my soggy phone. I tried it… he was right 🙂 Phone was usable again in less than 4 hours! Recovery time may vary with amount of time spent in the drink…

[3] I removed the battery and took the outside casing off and used the blow drier on it (lowest setting of course), put it back together. Good as new.

[4] I’ve run my pager through the washing machine numerous times, and have had good luck reviving it by removing the battery and leaving it in the sun on the dash of my truck.

[5] After my cell took a dip in the toilet …(I was cleaning the toilet, when out of my pj’s pocket my cell fell in)… I immediately took it out, towel dried the took my hair dryer (on the lowest heat) and dried out where the battery goes and where one plugs the charger …crazy, yeah, but it worked and I saved my cellphone.

[6] Put my phone through the washing machine. Shook it out. Put it in the glovebox during for about a week. Charged it up, and it has worked for the past 2 years.

[7] Years ago my cell took a dip in the swimming pool. I took it completely apart, wiped excess water off with a paper towel, then let it air dry for a couple hours. Put the battery back in and it worked great for a couple more years.

[8] (Going, going, gone!) If the circuit got fried as a result of the initial soaking then any remedies are moot. You could then use it as a paperweight and reminder.

[9] Be smart and keep the phone dry because the odds of saving a phone after it gets wet are pretty low. If any of these ideas help then count yourself lucky.

[10] Try placing wet electronics in a bag of dry rice. The rice will absorb any moisture in the bag.

[11] Any suggestions on how to recover a phone that was immersed in engine oil???

[12] I had an incident where my phone went into a glass of chocolate milk. Someone else tried to fix it but didn’t know what to do so it didn’t make it.

I’m quite sure you have all had times when you had to pick up your mobile from places where it wasn’t supposed to go. What have your remedies been?


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