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December 11, 2006

I love the addition to the Yahoo! mail

Filed under: Language — Geeta Padmanabhan @ 9:13 pm

All the Yahooligans must have got it! I just found it in my mail and it’s cool!

Yes,  I’m talking about this new feature in my Yahoo! mail. Every time someone mentions a city or a state, you see it underlined with a broken blue line. Place your curser on it and up pops a bubble (only it is a rectangle with an arrow pointing to the word). This is one pop-up I have no quarrel with.

And what’s in the rectangle? The first band has options for changing settings or turning it off (not me!). The second, a blue band, has a map of the place. The third is the most interesting. Called Search, it gives you the lowdown on the place. My mail had the word Connecticut and when I clicked Search, this is what I got.

Then there is web search – URLs where I could get info on Connecticut. This is followed by Q & As. Of course, I’m not looking for apartment rentals in Connecticut, but I’d love to know what’s happening in ‘Frisco and Denver. But wait, is this service extended to outgoing mail?

Yes, it is! I also checked if the line of blue-pieces reaches old mail, and obviously it should.

Thanks Yahoo! I’m mailing my cousin in the Australian outback with a very specific question. You can be sure the name of her city is in it.


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