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December 25, 2006

What are our young thinking today?

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I have an ongoing e-mail correspondence with a student who attends my English class. She comments on something I’ve written for the newspaper and that begins a sawal-jawab digital conversation. Our most recent topic was “opting out of the race and doing our own thing”. How is that possible in such a competitive world, she asked. I gave her examples of people who have gone exactly where their hearts took them and succeeded. At the end of the mail, I asked her:

“What is it that you really, really want to do, …?”

And here is her answer. You’ll agree it is a beautiful Christmas gift.

Hey Ma’am!
I should say this it’s always a pleasure to read what you have written so much so that I look forward to every mail from you. Thank you for that.

That’s one question to which the answer has always eluded me. What do I really want to do? What do I want from my life? Finally, after loads of soul searching and deep deliberation and careful retrospection I have arrived at the conclusion that what I really really want to do is something for my family.

To be honest most people find this aim ridiculously clichéd or just plain fake maybe even fickle but to those people, “I don’t care what you think.” Now the question arises is why? Plain and simple – my family means the world to me like the very salt of the earth – that’s why.

At the risk of sounding like a brave survivor of life I can say I’ve been through a lot like being in hell and back but yes, it’s true. Be it at school or with friends the cards dealt out to me aren’t what you would call lucky or maybe I should have played them better I don’t know and through it all my Mom and Dad have been with me…Like those cheerleaders urging their team even though the game is lost. I have seen my parents give up their dreams to make a world for me and today when I speak to them the wistfulness isn’t lost out on me. We’re in a crunch and seeing them struggle every single day makes you want to pull your weight around…do your bit too. Like the Hindi drama we have a few villains in the picture and my aim is to see them bite the words which they threw (flung?) at my parents. I might sound vengeful and not a good gal that I’m supposed to be but I admit to bitterness (a bit) and maybe that’s what leads me on…

Now what makes me happy? Seeing my father go on that world tour, seeing my mother go on that religious trek (thirth yatra), seeing my sister get the best of things the best that life can offer… That will make me happy… About me…hmmm.. I’m content to be an honest lawyer, pursue journalism and do a bit of event management and take up further studies. As ridiculous as it may sound I have this dream to throw a huge bash at the grandest of hotels and invite all the near and dear so called relatives to make them envy my family-my proud parents.

My aim and dream is to fulfill my parents’ aspirations, expectations, hopes, dreams and make them proud of me.

In a Moral examination in my school a question was asked what makes you happy? Undoubtedly it’s the relationships I have forged and my family and why not? Isn’t life made of people? That is when you’re living not just surviving. I have the confidence that I will be able to convert these dreams into reality. In time it will be my family talking not the others. Ma’am I’m not money-minded but have learnt that the world revolves on it. Okay fine, if it is that way so be it. But I bet my talent at being a lawyer (hopefully) a criminal lawyer or maybe a family lawyer or…I can go on but first I need to get into a law college

Yeah,I was saying my talent will be something irreplaceable something that I can give back to the people around me and good literature is always welcome too, right?! A simple recipe to achieve this – God’s grace, loads of good wishes and blessings, loads of support from the people around me, loads and loads of hard work, determination and yeah perspiration and of course late nights….. studying.

Before I forget, wishing you A very very Merry Christmas! May this season of joy, hope, love, cheer light up your home and heart. Hopefully I’ll be online to wish you for the New Year. Can you believe it? 2007?! God I can’t…

Thank you for keeping in touch! My best to you Ma’am.. Take care!

p.s-Peculiar talent in me? I don’t know…People find me peculiar

Thank you …


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