Grandma's Tales

December 31, 2006

We’re digging new lows in civility!

Filed under: Society — Geeta Padmanabhan @ 10:26 am

First it was the courier. Unlike the postman who has pre-designated hours – we awaited his arrival – the smelly courier boys can ring and keep ringing the doorbell at any time of the day and night and demand immediate attention. “Attention” includes signing three slips, putting down the time of delivery (like you do at childbirth) and now, adding my phone number. I am not at all sure the numbers will be used for strictly honourable purposes.
All it takes is a phone call to the courier company (guess what the conversation is!) followed by a lengthy e-mail of lists from the said courier company to the caller and the caller knows my “courier habits”. Who sends couriers to me? And what is sent often? Then the telemarketing racket begins.
Talking of telemarketing, the bank we all love to hate has a new technology of torture. Yesterday my phone rang, I picked it up and said a polite “Hello”. I HEARD A LOUD RINGTONE! I was put on hold! I mean the bank calls me with an evil design that goes under the name of “complimentary offer” and puts me on hold! Totally unacceptable! When the live human voice came up, I gave the poor employee a few of my thoughts on this. And what did he say?
“We have a special offer for you, Ma’am. We have selected you for a life-time credit card, with no service charges, no taxes, no nothing.” And no limit to the amount I could spend? “Eh, why don’t I come over to your place so we can talk this over?”
I recently switched to Airtel for my Internet connection. It is not faster, but it is continuous, as opposed to “continual”. I should have known why Airtel gave me a free telephone instrument. This is why. I get recorded calls inviting me to answer the question coming up and join the new KBC show! Mmm… interesting. What show will they be promoting next?


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