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January 17, 2007

Are you an efficient buyer? 3

Filed under: Consumer caution — Geeta Padmanabhan @ 6:46 pm

Do you buy stuff online? Do you buy on eBay? Are you one of those who can bid without twiddling fingers and using body language to strike an excellent deal at an auction? Then this story is for you.

In his book Future Shop, Daniel Nissanoff tells us our shopping ways are going to be revolutionised. Here is the blurb from the jacket of the book.

Visionary Entrepreneur Daniel Nissanoff breaks the news that the eBay auction
phenomenon is about to explode in a big new way, revolutionizing how all consumers
--not just eBay mavens--do their shopping, not only online but offline as well. The
big payoff of this revolution will be that consumers will be able to "trade up"
by embracing a new norm of temporary ownership. We will be able to buy more of
the things we "really" want, because we'll also be regularly selling off the
things we no longer want or need. We'll be transformed from an "accumulation nation"
into an "auction culture." Welcome to a world where Manolo Blahnik shoes, a Louis
Vuitton handbag, a set of Callaway golf clubs, or a Bugaboo baby stroller will
actually be smart buys, not indulgences.

As huge as eBay has become--now the tenth-largest retailer in America--it has only
scratched the surface of the potential for online buying and selling: by 2004, only
5 percent of all those who had bought something on eBay had also sold something on
the site. But that is about to change--dramatically. Nissanoff reveals that a massive
growth of online auction "facilitators" is under way that will make selling so
hassle-free, so reliable, and so lucrative that the masses of consumers who have stayed
away will jump aboard. Most prominent among the facilitators are dropshops, store fronts
that sell goods more efficiently and effectively than you could ever do yourself.
Thousands have opened in the last two years, with many more to come; they will soon be
as pervasive as Starbucks.
I'll try and get you excerpts from the book.

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