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January 18, 2007

Grammar – 25 Time for a headlines quiz!

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Anjali Thomas, a young colleague at Ability Foundation, the cross disability NGO where I spend my mornings putting together their unique magazine, made this observation.
“Ever since I started working here, I seem to be spotting disabled people everywhere. I mean, I go to the same places taking the same routes, where were they all before?”
My daughter said something similar in a different context. “Mom, when I was expecting my kid, a lot of people seemed to be expecting too. And when I was pushing the baby in a stroller, I noticed any number of mothers doing the same thing!” (pushing their own babies, not hers.)

Do we tend to notice things that are foremost in our minds? May be. Obviously, errors keep dancing in my brain. Or how come they stare at me all the time?


Correct the errors in these headlines (Is there a heading editor?)
[1] More Chaos, Less movies at IFFI
[2] Bevan Bid’s Goodbye
[3] The Cannon, the site, got it’s 100,000th hit.
[4] Rally to focus disables problems
[5] First Lady’s Dress Same as Others!
[6] Tonights’ Simpsons Episode
[7] All Eyes on Kennedy in Court Abortion Debate
[8] Congress plans stir against prise rise
[9] New Mammal Mouse Found (tricky one, this!)
Minor fire in McDonald outlet
Do you want to go through the grammar lessons in the previous posts?


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