Grandma's Tales

January 20, 2007

Shilpa in, Jade out!

Filed under: Society — Geeta Padmanabhan @ 10:32 pm

Jade Goody paid the price for going overboard on the script (pre-written script? Doubtful). She has been evicted from the “House”. Before she walked out, she said a couple of interesting things.
“I cannot dignify myself. I can justify myself.” Her justification of her behaviour sounded rather lame. But then she was defending the indefensible. She was nasty and insulting, period.
“I am not racist. I eat chicken curry.” Jade Goody is a very witty person. Now, can the Shiv Sena say, “We eat Moghlai parathas. We don’t hate Muslims?”
The first whiff of being evicted, Shilpa did a flip-flop and said, “I take my complaint back. There were no racist remarks against me.” Great. When she has the time, Shilpa must sit down to write what remarks do constitute racism. Does she agree she was at least insulted? Or is that a “No” as well? Mmm… money has its own ringtone. And script.
The show goes on. After raking in the moolah.


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