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January 21, 2007

Shilpa ******, you are from a ****** Neverland!

Filed under: Language — Geeta Padmanabhan @ 11:09 pm

Jade Goody is now remorseful. She was shown a clipping of what went on between her and Shilpa Shetty, whom she insisted on referring to as “Shilpa Poppudum”. In an interview to The News of the World Goody reportedly said, “I’m not going to justify my actions because they were wrong. I was shocked to see how I behaved. I was shocked and disgusted at myself. I don’t know why I said those things to her or why those words came into my head. I wasn’t thinking in my head a nasty thought. I’m not making excuses because I know that it’s wrong. I now know that it’s offensive. Maybe I’m just really stupid and nasty at heart. But I really don’t think I am.”

Jade Goody admitted calling Shilpa a “f***ing loser and a liar” and using other foul words. “I know that Shilpa doesn’t live in the slums, because I took the time to get to know her. The slums is a word that Shilpa would have told me. I can’t justify my actions for that. It wasn’t meant as a racist comment,” she said.

It is not clear if this will stem the damage all this will cause her financially. She is likely to lose thousands of pounds in endorsements. A perfume she endorses is being taken off the shelves. There are contracts that might be cancelled.

Obviously, the Indian purchasing power now calls the shots. Nobody wants to antagonise the small brother. Talk of the economic power of people from the “slums”!


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