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January 26, 2007

Amitabh Bachchan speaks to Sonia Singh

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I have no idea who gave the Big B speech lessons, but whoever it is (that is if there was one) deserves a Padma award. Bachchan senior was answering questions put to him by Sonia Singh on NDtv, a quiet interview, not the Karan Thapar brand, and it made for a rivetting half an hour.
Bachchan  of course spoke flawless English, choosing his words for precision, diplomacy and humour where it was appropriate. His clipped accent was neutral, and could be understood clearly.
He was asked questions about his highs and lows, his pride in his son’s achievement, what he found admirable in Aishwarya Rai, the wedding guest list, Shah Rukh’s performance at KBC, the two versions of Don, his friendship with Amar Singh, the alleged victimisation of him and Jaya for their closeness to Amar Singh and his own assessment of his life.
The answers rang truthful.  He was looking somewhere down to his right most of the time, perhaps thinking. It was to her credit that Singh let him form his thoughts when he seemed to be doing so. The result was an engrossing show.
Bachchan answered calmly in a well modulated voice, didn’t say a word that could be misunderstood.  He wouldn’t be dragged into controversy, said Jaya’s Office of Profit fracas and his own brush with IT officials had nothing to do with politics, he hadn’t yet made his guest list and so couldn’t say who would be invited to the wedding, he found a lot of beauty in Aishwarya that had nothing to do with her looks. Being an actor, facing the camera with different emotions was a kind of escape from what life throws at you. But life had to be faced and would the audiences view actors with a little more compassion?
He then narrated this story. He accompanied Mehmood, the comedian, to the hospital when his daughter was stillborn. Mehmood came out of the hospital carrying his lifeless daughter in arms and was walking to the car. The crowd waiting there shouted, “Mehmood, kuch bolo yaar. Say somehting funny, make us laugh!” Bachchan said, “I’ll never forget the expression that crossed Mehmood’s face at that moment.”
Did he watch Don? Yes, and had discussed the merits and demerits with King Khan. How about KBC? “Sorry, Shah Rukh Khan, if you’re watching this show, I haven’t. But I will and then we will talk.”

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