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January 29, 2007

Shilpa Shetty wins – in and outside the “house”!

Filed under: Society — Geeta Padmanabhan @ 9:17 pm

Not surprisingly, Shilpa won the Celebrity Big Brother reality show on Channel 4. And we all thought racism, or at least insulting behaviour was bad. Not for Shilpa. For her it was a bonanza, no less. She sashayed her way out with 100, 000 pounds added to her bank balance. As my husband pointed out (read previous post), what are a few condescending remarks if the prize for putting up with them is a pot of gold?
[Aside: When you have time, read Irving Wallace’s The Man. It was written in 1964. You will be amazed at Wallace’s use of the same psychology there.]
Shipa screamed in “surprise” when she heard the verdict. But it would have been the biggest surprise for all if she hadn’t known. The tide was clearly turning in her favour. As the racism charges were flying thick and fast, she “graciously” recorded a conciliatory note, saying the remarks weren’t really racist. The forgiving Shilpa? Naah.
It is mom Shetty who came up with the truth. She implied that her daughter knew what she was doing, knew how to manage any problem. A mother knows her daughter best!
The fallout: Shilpa has sacked her Indian publicist, gotten herself the best in the UK, and is rumoured to have been offered a Hollywood role. Any producer/director could have noticed what a consummate actor she is. And she has the looks to go places. All the best for her!
One point that gives me a happy chuckle: Shilpa is on the wrong side of 30, an age that has given her the maturity to take on the housemates of the “zoo”. The right age where a woman still has her looks while her wits have aged with experience. Shilpa knew how long she should hold with her patience and when to burst out and what to say. All her actor housemates, I’m sure, went home richer for watching Shilpa perform. Sweet are the uses of being 30+! Look at Aishwarya Rai, Preity Zinta…
Another significant point: Jermaine Jackson (brother of Michael Jackson – who?) was voted runner-up. The anxiety to set right a perceived wrong went that far!

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