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February 8, 2007

Shilpa Shetty – Item girl to audience with the queen

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Ok, this is the last post (ha, ha) on SS till probably her movie with Hugh Grant is released. Yes, that’s it. SS will be featured in two British flicks, one of them with Hugh Grant. Remember his N(H)otting Hill? With Julia Roberts? I loved the movie.
So what did SS get out of Celebrity Big Brother? Lots if you go by the reports. At least much more than what she’s been getting from Bollywood. Squarely facing the cameras at the opening of Hugh Grant’s latest movie Movies & Lyrics (with Drew Barrymore), Shilpa pointedly said something like, “I hope people in India are watching this. I want them to see the affection an Asian is getting here.” Wow! Wearing a sparkling black top that martched her smile, she hugged and patted, shook hands and signed autographs.
On the show SS did a big U-turn on the racism charge saying, “I don’t think what Jade said had any racial overtones.” But she visited Keith Vaz’s constituency, flashed her now-famous smile and said the right words – “Thanks for all your support.”
She of course, went to the House of Commons and talked with British PM Tony Blair (has she met Manmohan Singh? No.) for a “full ten minutes”. The British monarch is interested in seeing her face-to-face it seems and SS will be given an audience by Queen Elizabeth II on March 12. Is that a wow? Maybe.
SS has received offers for 200, yes 2 followed by two zeroes, offers for various projects. A watch/jewellery firm will be paying for her looks and acting talents for a commercial to promote its products. Rumours are she might be heading to Hollywood. While she is there SS is likely to write her autobiography, which of course will have several chapters on her tryst with CBB, probably under the heading “Turning Point”.
Without the royalties the book is likely to fetch, the moolah SS will collect from the episode is around Rs. 40 crores. Yes.
So who says harsh words are bad for you? They just have to be hurled at you at the right time, at the right place and in front of the right cameras.
Just one point here. A word of caution for Hugh Grant. Old man, be careful what you say to SS while you are shooting with her. All the best!

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