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February 14, 2007

Want to save Elliot’s beach? 2

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Valentine’s Day is perhaps the best time to talk of the beach that has become so much a part of young people’s “meet-me-there” list. It offers cheap eateries, games like balloon-shooting and kite flying and for those with cash to spare, a food court and a gaming arcade. You can just walk on the waterfront. For the kids, there is a roller-skating rink. There is no way you can add entertainment or beauty except keep it clean.
So what has our Knight on the Beach been doing? For starters, writing letters. Read below two and a list of suggestions he attached.
From: “sathyanarayanan” <>
Subject: Beautification of Elliots Beach, Wed, 24 Jan 2007 15:43:54 +0530
Dear Friends,
This afternoon I attended a meeting on invitation by the AC.,zone-x, Chennai Corporation to discuss the Beautification of the Elliots Beach. Before that I prepared a letter in consultation with TKR and gave it to Park Supdt., South who chaired the meeting. Copy of the letter is attached. But the Park Supdt. briefed the members with plans and sketches prepared by the Horticulturist. The envisages a raised pathway resting on small pillars to help elderly people walk from the shore to the waterline and back, a mini auditorium near the Schmidt Memorial with benches/chairs, a 6-metre broad lawn all along the jogging track and many other features which gave the impression that they are going to pack the area with structures which will go against the ethics and beauty of the sand and water.They seem to believe that there can be no development without structures and buildings. Although they say that people will be consulted with final designs and plans, I feel that the plans for the damage have started and the environmentalists and nature lovers will have to be wary to contain the same with vocal public campaigns along the coasts of Tamil Nadu.
Best wishes, S.Sathynarayanan.

Dated : January 23, 2007
To The Assistant Commissioner,
Zone-X, Chennai Corporation,
Adyar, Chennai-600020.

Dear Sir,

Sub: Regarding Beautification of Elliots Beach in Division-152.

With reference to the meeting called by you in your office today to discuss the subject under reference, I have the following matters to be considered by you:
No structure of any kind is permissible within the sandy stretch of the Beach under the Coastal Zone Regulations Rules.

2. In fact the dilapidated swimmers’ rest house on the beach which is being used for nefarious activities should be pulled down and totally removed along with the foundation. Some other foundation structures left remaining in the area should also be cleared.

3. The Schmidt Memorial on the Beach which is broken up at the foundation should be strengthened and the entire structure be renovated and painted and further maintained as it would give a very beautiful architectural face to the Beach.

4. The High Mast Lights at the shore should be turned to face West from the waterline as it would help the Olive Ridley Turtles coming on to the sand to lay eggs to return safely and also save the young turtles after hatching to move towards the water. Otherwise they move inland attracted by the lights and are hunted by dogs and birds.

5. The Governor’s Bungalow on the southern side should be renovated to house some activity there without being spoiled by undesirable elements.

Encroachments by Vendors:

6. As for the encroachment by vendors on both the northern and southern sides of the beach, it presents a humanitarian case of livelihood for the fishermen there. But those who run the shops there spoil and dirty the beach in spite of several appeals by Exnora and our Beach beautifiers who work there. The vendors should be properly
organised and disciplined.
We suggest that only two rows of shops of equal size facing each other be allowed along the southern end compound wall. All shops anywhere else on the beach, especially on the water line be removed. More particularly stationary vending with structures on the shore should not be permitted. The owners of two rows of shops permitted along the southern end compound wall be properly licensed and monitored for health and hygiene. If necessary extra shops on the filled up land of the Housing Board next to the restaurant be temporarily licensed until it is claimed back by the Housing Board.

7. The natural dunes on the sand should not be levelled up and be left as such to preserve the ecological beauty of the Beach.

8. No unwanted structural material like bricks etc., to serve as goal posts or wickets be allowed on the Beach.

9. The Corporation Gymnasium on the Beach be provided with the necessary equipment.

10. A few urinals be provided on the northern and southern ends of the Beach nearer the shore to help old people who come for walks.
As we ourselves are involved in the Beach serving with 10 women Beach Beautifiers at the sandy stretch and 8 men Life Guards on the water front to save drowning people, we are keen that the beauty and ecology of the Beach is well preserved and maintained. We desire that our suggestions be considered and put into effect as soon as possible.
Thank you and regards,



  1. I am happy atleast one citizen has the initiative to think and make meaningful suggestions, unlike lazy people like me who only lament! Yes, Elliot’s Beach was a great place when I moved to Chenni six years back. No more. Me and my family avoid visiting there, especially in the evenings and certainly no over the weekends. Another dimension of the Elliot’s beach experience is the dare devilry exhibited by youngsters in biking.Pretty frightening.

    Meanwhile, kudos to Mr Sathyanarayan.

    Comment by Rajesh Kumar — February 15, 2007 @ 3:46 pm | Reply

  2. Yes, Rajesh. And we all should join his campaign.

    Comment by Geeta Padmanabhan — February 15, 2007 @ 10:22 pm | Reply

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