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February 16, 2007

To vote or not to vote

Filed under: Society — Geeta Padmanabhan @ 9:57 pm

 I just clipped the last bit of indelible ink off my finger-nail and it is time to vote. In the same election. Isn’t this a waste of public money? And how legitimate is this election where a major opposition party isn’t even contesting?
I wrote this just before the last round.
In Chennai, organisations like Catalyst keep telling people to go out and vote. They tell us that a low voter turn-out makes a mockery of the whole election process. And they are right. But a web site I stumbled on has a different take on this. This is what they say:
“’s mission is to combat the “Get out the Vote” movement that is pushed by organizations that would like to increase the number of uneducated voters to help their cause. encourages people to Vote, but only AFTER they have educated themselves on the policies and individuals for which they are voting. Voting should be considered a privilege and exercised with responsibility and discretion. Just like a final exam, responsible voting requires self-education and thought. When the time comes to cast your ballot, if you don’t know for what or whom you’re voting, then DON’T VOTE.”
In a recent newspaper interview, a member of Catalyst, sensing the public mood said: “I urge people to go out and vote on the February 18 elections to the Chennai Corporation. The non-deployment of EVMs (electronic voting machines) is a blessing. Now you can say “None of the above”. Ask for the form that will enable you to do it. Exercise that choice if you do not want to cast your vote for anyone.”
I am tempted.


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