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February 23, 2007

Want to save Elliot’s beach? 6 Vincent D’Souza is in!

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Vincent D’Souza is the highly respected editor of Mylapore Times and Adyar Times, both first-on-the-block community newspapers. He writes a popular edit in the papers and I’m sure that’s what you look for when you pull the paper from under the door on Sunday mornings. “Community Orientation” is D’Souza’s clarion call. Here he is, responding to Satayanarayanan’s invitation to join the meeting on the “beautification” of Elliot’s beach.


Somehow I feel this note does not really put in focus the issue – the issue is more about the city corporation, and the Highways drawing up plans on their own , plans which affect us all. Perhaps it will be better if you reword this note and resend to all you wish to invite. Am afraid the severity of the issue we shd address is not there in your note. It looks, to a ‘lay’ person, as if we are all gathering just to chat abt general issues. And have tea after that!!
A preamble of 6/9 lines is must. I am also asking my colleagues who are part of the Orkut community on the Net who relate to Elliots Beach, to read this note and sign up. There is a need for a larger community move . . . .and the youth who love this beach must have a space too. Vincent D Souza

On 23-Feb-07, at 11:25 AM, sathyanarayanan wrote:



S,Sathyanarayanan, “Gayathri”, No.29, First Main Road, Indira Nagar,

President. Chennai – 600020. Dated : February 23, 2007.

e-mail : Tel: 42185352.

Dear concerned citizens,

I am copying this message whieh I sent to you on 12-02-2007, just to remind you

about the event. Please make it convenient to attend. Best wishes,



“The Forum of Adayar Civic Exnora (Face), is convening a get together of

interested individuals to discuss and plan for the protection and preservation of

the Nature and Ecology of the Elliots Beach, Besant Nagar.Chennai – 600090.

The meet will be held on the sands of the Elliots Beach, between the Police

Booth and the Gymnasium on Sunday, 25th February, 2007 from 5 PM to 6 PM.

Your participation and sharing of views will be helpful to plan our campaign

and strategy.

Thanking you and regards, S.SATHYANARAYANAN.D


Did I tell you Vincent trains school kids to write reports and publishes them in the paper?


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