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February 24, 2007

The Elliot’s beach saga- 7 Mr. S writes to D’Souza

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Vincent D’Souza was concerned that the invite Mr. Satyanarayanan circulated wasn’t strong on the words. He wanted the letter rewritten with more focus and in much stronger terms, not an invite at all, but an exortation to come and do what they should, to save the beach they all used.  Please read previous posts on this for the story. Here is the reply from Mr. S.

Dear Mr. Vincent D’Souza,

I got all the three messages posted by you on 23rd and I could understand your anxiety that my

communication was not enough to convey in its emtirety  the problem to the recipients. As I had

already explained to you in one of my earlier messages the meet on 25th is intended to focus

on the  protection and preservation of the Beauty, ecology and environment of the Elliots Beach. Many 

of us in Besant Nagar neighbourhood were worrired that since our last meeting with the AE, Zone-X,

they were not sharing with us further information and our personal letter to the Commissioner of the 

Corporation did not also evoke any response. We were afraid that they would act first and reveal 

later. It was Mr. S.P.Ambrose who broke the ice chasing the information through the personal 

secretary to the Governor, Secretaries to PWD., Municipal Administration, CMDA, Commissisoner 

Corporation and finally helped us to land on the lap of SE., BRR, Corporation who is holding the 

baby. We discussed with him and he was willing to share the information with us, meet a few of us

and explain the same, and even form a committee with us to examine and consider our views. 

The limited purpose of the agenda on the Sunday get together is to be informed about all the above,

form a group of citizens to meet the SE. BRR and examine the drawings and plans. At this point

of time we should be worried as to what kind of campaign that we should be thinking of etc.

Please let us meet on 25th at 5 PM at the Elliots Beach behind the police booth and gymnasium and get ourselves focused.   Best wishes, S.SATHYANARAYANAN.
As for me, I’ll attend the “Mozhi” fundraiser in the morning and will be at the Elliot’s beach at 5 pm sharp.   

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