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February 28, 2007

Jose reviews “Mozhi”

Filed under: Language,Movie,My Other Avtaar — Geeta Padmanabhan @ 8:18 pm

“Thank you, Geetha Mam,” wrote Jose, “for it’s through your website I came to know about the donor passes and obtained them.”
That was a wonderful gesture, Jose. Believe me, your money goes to a good cause. And from what you’ve written about the movie, I see that you had a great time watching. A win-win all right!
Jose writes a review that borders on the poetic, but the movie has that effect on you. Read what he writes and go watch it!
“I always had respect for Duet Movies (Prakashraj production) since their products have always been refreshingly excellent. I emphasize the word refreshingly since they are not run-of-the-mill kind of movies. They are unique but always make us relate ourselves to the characters be it “Azhagiya Theeye” or “Kanda Naal Muthal”. But with Mozhi, they have surpassed all borders and set new benchmarks. This movie will definitely serve as an epitome for good movie makers.
Mainly revolving around characters lived by Prakashraj, Prithviraj, Jyotika and
Swarnamalya this movie takes you to the zenith of life. Jyotika gets her lifetime role in her supposedly last film and performs to precision. Mozhi gives emphasis to
· Intimate characterization rather than introductory songs
· Witty one-liners rather than withering comedy
· Intimate portrayal rather than item numbers
· Emotions rather than extravagance
· Sensible rather than slapstick
· Respect for others rather than running around the trees
To wake up for a 9 am show on a Sunday morning seems ridiculous and a Herculean task. But once I saw the movie, I wanted more of it. Watching Mozhi was like meeting up with a couple of friends and being in sync with them. (Great writing there, Jose!)
On the whole, it’s glossy without being glamorous.
For once, I am proud of Tamil movies.
Mozhi – Reveals the power of silence.
Apologies for the lengthy post/review. But this movie deserves much more.
My two cents…”

Thanks, Jose. I’m sure you inspired a lot of readers here!


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