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March 3, 2007

The Elliot’s beach saga- 9 The pictures are here!

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Read the “official” minutes to get a hang of what went on.
S,Sathyanarayanan, “Gayathri”, No.29, First Main Road, Indira Nagar, President, Chennai – 600020. Dated : February 28, 2007.
e-mail : Tel: 42185352.
Here is a brief report on the proceedings of the meeting held today (28-02-2007) between 10 AM and 11 AM at the Elliot’s Beach Besant Nagar, Chennai-90.
Mr. Vijayakumar, SE.,Bus Route Roads (BRR) of the Chennai Corporation assisted by Mr. Yadukula Rao, EE and Mr. Srinivasalu, AEE of BRR., made a presentation to concerned citizens of Adyar area, on the proposed scheme of Beatification of the Elliot’s Beach based on the study and plans made by the students of the Muslim Education Association of South India (MEASI) Academy of Architecture, Chennai. The Academy made the study and prepared the report free of cost.
Mr.Murugan of Exnora took pictures when the album of photographs was being circulated for the attendees to see.
The meeting was attended by 20 persons representing organizations such as Exnora, The School (KFI), Madras Institute of Development Studies (MIDS), Adyar Times, Mylapore Times, Home Makers, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, The Tree Vigil, Retired Principal of a Technical College, Retired Dy. Director General of Meteorology, Freelance Writer and Journalist almost all of whom are residents of Adyar and Neighbourhood and who have concern and interest on the Environment and Ecology of Elliot’s Beach.
Many senior citizens of the neighbourhood excused themselves for they had to hear the Budget Speech of the Finance Minister to plan and reschedule their investments. Some more could not attend because it was a working day and working time.
Here are the pictures. Do take a good look at them. Tell as many of your friends possible to give it a look.


Image 1316 : shows a view of the gathering.
Image 1317 : shows overall view of the beautification consisting of
(1) the Centre Medians (2) The Amphi-theatre, (3) The Colonnades (4) The spine cutting across the Beach for physically challenged people (5) The Detailed view of the Spine, (6) The Children’s Play Area. (7) Food Court existing (8) The skating rink existing. Image 1318 shows the elevation of the play lot, the mound and the spine.
Images 1319 and 1320 show the Colonnades.
Image 1321 shows The Spine.
Image 1322 shows the skating rink.
Image 1323 shows the amphitheatre.
Image 1324 shows the play lot.
The presentation ended saying that there will be alterations such as that the colonnades are likely to be omitted and that if possible they would meet us again with the finalized plans and drawings.
The audience in their interventions made the following points:
[1] The study has been conducted without meeting the users of the Beach.
[2] No environmentalists or ecologists were consulted.
[3] The study was conducted by students of an Academy without any inputs from these agencies.
[4] The images clearly show sizeable encroachment on the Beach sands and eating into the vital open space. (6 metres inside from the promenade, the central spine, the built-up amphitheatre, parking lot on the beach side of the dilapidated Governor’s Bungalow).
[5] These encroachments are infringements of Coastal Zone Regulation Rules.
[6] The Beach should consist of only the sand and the sea and nothing else.
[7] The Memorial should be structurally strengthened and maintained.
[8] The cleanliness of the sands and the safety of the visitors to the Beach are more vital than “beautification”.
[9] The concern for the physically challenged and elderly people to walk on the beach sands is understandable but alternative methods such as handicapped two-wheelers drawn or pedal-driven with sand riding tyres could be considered.
The event ended with a promise from the Corporation that the final amended drawings and plans would be made public. S.SATHYANARAYANAN
And who will keep the beach clean, we asked. “The officials said, “Cleaning will be done by a private contractor.” The MIDS lady said the private contractor operating now was doing selective cleaning.
In this mail, Mr. S has been diplomatic. Vincent D’Souza was forthright. He said something like, “This is total privatisation of the beach. The gazebos will go up, completely obstructing the view. And maybe, they will charge us for sitting under the umbrellas. The fountain that’s already there does not work. Who maintains it? We don’t need a fountain on the beach. Every single structure
added over the years is a monstrosity. Look at the joggers’ track. The fence you see in front of you obstructs the seaview. The water from the street now drains into the sand. You can see the outlet from where you are sitting. The dirty water has already changed the colour of the sand. How are you going to take care of that? This is no plan. Let’s blow up the plan, put it up for people to see and comment. Let’s find out through a properly done survey how many people want all this construction on this small beach.”
Mr. S suggested that we bring our own architects (pros) and ask them their opinion.
The lifeguards had another apprehension. They said, “Once the spine is constructed, how do we stop people from driving down to the beach on two-wheelers and parking the vehicles there? Then no one can see the water from anywhere.”

My 2 cents’ worth: Performance in the amphitheatre? Can I spend some quiet time on the beach, please? On the last day of the Chennai Sangamam the fireworks went on till midnight, maybe more. Isn’t there a supreme court order that there should be no fireworks after 10 pm?
Do correct me if I’m wrong.
Update: I asked my grandchildren what they wanted to do on the beach. They said they wanted to play with the sand. Make sandcastles and mudpies with the wet sand. No, they did not want rides, no play area. “It’s a beach, not an amusement park,” they said. Now, I’m going to ask as many kids as possible the same question.
You do, too.

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