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March 8, 2007

Amitabh Bachchan breaks Nishabd (Silence)

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Not that he was very quiet, AB has been talking to the media with a vengeance, but he spoke at length on NDTV answering questions from the audience. There was this panel comprising Ram Gopal Verma, AB, Revathi, Suchitra, Alyque Padamsee and now I can’t remember who the anchor was. But this is what transpired.
AB: It (65-year-old falling for a teenager) was a challenging role. It was just playacting. Seldom do we do this analysis of a concept – why did this happen, how did this happen, etc. ‘A 65-year-old in love with a young girl’ was just a situation. It just happened. Now what, we asked.
RGV: The point was about capturing one man’s feeling. Something that is within you. It was a question of feeling vs. righteousness, a battle between mind and heart.
Audience qn: Should age determine relationship?
Alyque: Age has very little to do with this. It’s all in the mind. It’s the situation you are in. I feel I’m in college. Amitabh, you? The mind is ticking, the heart is pumping blood…
Suchitra: Academically speaking, may be a relationship is possible. But a lot of it is exploitative.
Revathi: As marriages age, the husband and wife tend to take each other for granted. The magic is gone. The husband moves away. Girl appears, dormant emotions are brought to life.
Audience: Is this a quest for the ideal?
AB: Alyque, is it?
Alyque: Are you being diplomatic?
AB: There’s something I want to make clear. This movie has nothing to do with Lolita (except for the lollipop?). There is no physicality, no overtures. It’s affection for an 18-year-old. And how the protagonist deals with it. He is shy, but is honest in admitting it. RGV told me to walk up to the wife and admit it.
Revathi: And what was I expected to do? I had to fight for my rights. I had spent an entire life thinking of the husband. Not possible to accept the situation!
Anchor to RGV: You didn’t want to endanger the marriage?
RGV: Look, I hadn’t thought about it. This is not about anyone specific. Nor is the theme a generalisation.It’s just a character I picked up. It doesn’t represent anyone.
Audience: Will the middle class accept it?
Oh, god, I had had enough.


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