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March 17, 2007

The Elliot’s beach saga- 11 The final picture is here!

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We are back in action. It may not amount to much. The “establishment” is bent on disfiguring the beach and may simply bypass our opinion. And who can fight the establishment? Did you read/watch “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest?
If, after all this informed protest, the corporation goes ahead with this disastrous project, I’ll be sure of the motive behind the action. I can tell you it’ll have nothing to do with beauty or disability. Still, we’ll fight one last battle.


S,Sathyanarayanan, President. “Gayathri”, No.29, First Main Road, Indira Nagar, Chennai – 600020. Dated : March 16, 2007.
e-mail : Tel: 42185352.

Dear concerned citizens,
In my message this morning, I had indicated that the revised plans of the
beautification has been exhibited on the back wall of the Gymnasium for the
information of the public and that I will be circulating the image and other details later in the day. Attached is the image which is as clear as the riginal. The details of the plan, which is obviously the final plan before the public for their comments, are as follows:
1. This is the barrier free spine for the physically challenged for access to the water front. It is now shorn off the central colonnades but has two round-abouts in the middle with greenery and fountains. Measurement not given.
2 Children’s playlot 45M x 30M on the sands of the Beach.
3. Skating Rink, Gymnasium and Meditation area 75M x 30M
4. Amphitheatre earlier planned in front of the Schmidt Memorial now moved
towards north adjoining the jogging track size not indicated.
5. Beach sports 35M x 20M on the sands towards the northern end.
6. Parking area 47M x 58M towards the southern end.
From the northern end to the southern end all along the brown patch of the
jogging track there is a green patch indicating lawn, plants and trees which would also be encroaching upon the sandy stretch.
These totally fall short of our request to keep the sand clear of any construction. Especially the central spine and the amphitheatre have no place on the Beach.
Well, the Commissioner, Chennai Corporation has offered to meet us at the Gymnasium, Elliot’s Beach on Sunday 18th at 7 AM. Let us keep the
date if possible. Best wishes, S.SATHYANARAYANAN.



(Click on the image to enlarge)

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