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March 20, 2007

The Elliot’s beach saga – 12 What now?

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Mr S sent us this note. He reminded us of the next meeting on Sunday, 25 March, and wrote down our reaction to the latest plan, that was put up outside the gym for the public to view and comment on.
1. On the ‘spine’ for senior citizens and physically challenged, the Commissioner indicated over the phone that this item has been abandoned due to overwhelming opposition for the same. If that be so, we are happy that it goes with our own thinking since we are opposed to any kind of structure on the sand.
* We suggest that placing a few wheel chairs, pushed or pedalled, with sand tyres will ably satisfy this need.
2. The children’s’ play lot 45M x 30M will again come as an encroachment on the sands and therefore is out of reckoning.
3. Skating Rink, Gymnasium to be shifted, and Meditation area will again be on the sands and therefore not acceptable.
*The Gymnasium could function in the existing place itself with equipment necessary. It would require only a front roof cover.
*The children’s’ play lot of appropriate size could be allowed along side the present gymnasium suitably barricaded.
*Skating rink needs a track and there fore should be more appropriately relocated elsewhere nearby. Skating should not be allowed on main roads and thoroughfares. This is a hazard for all.
* Meditation and Yoga by individuals or by small groups can be held anywhere in the sand or on pavement wall as is being done now.
4. Amphitheatre 75M x 30M now shown on the northern side of the Beach on the sands is out of reckoning because it is also an encroachment on the sands.
*For many cultural programmes being staged off and on, a make-shift wooden stage opposite to the monument with plastic chairs have been found adequate. But such programmes should be restricted to socially relevant needs and purposes and certainly no political meetings.
5. Beach Sports Area 35M x 20M towards northern end is unacceptable because it will encroach on the sands.
*Volley Ball is being played on the make shift court with two poles for the net at the north beyond the Police booth. On Saturdays and Sundays Food Ball is being practised by youth on marked courts and goals. Cricket is also being played on Saturdays and Sundays by youth with regular balls which has been found to be causing obstruction and small injuries to beach goers. The players should be facilitated to use the Corporation or other playgrounds nearby and not the beach.
6. Parking Area 47M x 58M on the southern side. This space for this could be created on demand with the use of make-shift barricades as used by the Police and should only be restricted to cars and two wheelers on payment. No permanent markings or divisions or structures be made on the ground in the sands.

7. The green patch indicating lawns, plants and trees from the Northern end to the southern end all along the brown patch of the jogging track would also be encroaching upon the sandy stretch and therefore should be out of contention.
There were his own suggestions too, and we’ll see those tomorrow.


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