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March 25, 2007

The Elliot’s beach saga – 12 What now?

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This came in the mail just now.
Dear friends,
Mr. Rajesh Lakhoni IAS., Commissioner, Chennai Corporation, met us as scheduled
at about 5 PM today at the Gymnasium, Elliot’s Beach, Besant Nagar, and the Note already circulated to you was handed over to him and explained. He was taken on a walking tour around the Beach sands discussing in situ the various points in the Note on the beautification of Elliot’s Beach. He also agreed to meet us again next Sunday 1st April morning to hear the presentation on the studies conducted by the Civil Society Group, at a time and place to be confirmed. Best wishes,
The Civil Society Group is a group that consists mostly of women. These women came together under the name Tree Vigil to prevent the corporation from cutting the huge trees on Besant Avenue on the grounds that they were a traffic hindrance. Today, before the meeting started, they had mounted pictures of the filth in and around the beach that needed to be attended to at once. One of them made a presentation on her laptop explaining the problems on the beach. A couple of cameramen were shooting pictures and NDTV spoke to members of CSG.
Answering the complaints from those gathered, Mr. L said that the corporation had to have a plan on paper before it could be discussed with concerned groups. He did not explain why the plan was not made public to the beach users till they wrote letters asking for it. Asked about the proposed construction that would encroach the beach space, he said that the present structures had to be set right. The beach had to be available for all sections of the society. Asked why the beach needed fountains, an amphitheatre and a play area for kids, he was non-committal. He kept repeating, “We need a plan to discuss. We will discuss it.” He wouldn’t say anything about maintenance either.
Here is a picture of the Commissioner walking around the beach.

The tall guy in the green shirt is Mr. L and the one in the blue T-shirt is Mr. S.


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