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March 28, 2007

The Elliot’s beach saga – 12 What now? 2

Filed under: Consumer caution,Games People Play,Government,Society — Geeta Padmanabhan @ 9:46 pm

The Civil Society Group is now taking an active part in preservation of the beach. Their members conducted a survey on the beach. They are now putting together the results in the form of graphs so one can scan the results at a glance. They have also been to a Besant Nagar architect for a new plan for the beautification of the beach, a plan that will take into account the ecological and CRZ concerns. Armed with all this the group and its well-wishers will meet the Commissioner. Here is the mail from a member of the group.
Have confirmed the meeting with the Commissioner on Sunday (1st April) at 11.30 AM at the Boy’s club on Elliots beach.
Tara Murali has requested for a projecter/screen. She has some powerpoint presentations.Nity, can you find out if there is white screen that can be rented too, along with the projector that you were talking about?
Press meet/release – Nity, can you help with that too.. I have a few numbers of press people that we can call. Let us get the ball rolling ..:-)
To which, the person addressed as Nity replied:
I can certainly churn out an english pr if we can agree on the key points to emphasise. my suggestions:
1. No construction on the beach.
2. Emphasis on litter prevention by regulating plastics and vending zones, providing adequate numbers of trash cans.
3. Highlight key findings — of relevance to vendors, fishers, walkers and turtle enthusiasts.
4. Provision of toilets
The press release would restrict itself to the process and outcome of the survey.
ciao, nity
I’ll try to be at the Boy’s Club on Sunday morning to see what happens.

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