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May 26, 2007

Grammar – 34 Rape of my city 3

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In Metroblogging Chennai, Chenthil Nathan has posted the following.
A new flyover is being constructed in the GN Chetty Road – Thirumalai Pillai Road Junction (better known as the Vani Mahal Junction). Hence GN Chetty Road is now a single lane road for a stretch, leading to traffic snarls during peak hours. The notice board in the area says that the project is expected to be completed by June 2008.
I have travelled in this road for the past few years and didn’t see any need for a fly over here. May be the traffic planners have more data to put up a flyover here. In any case, be prepared for traffic snarls if you are travelling in this area for the next few months.
I had posted a letter from a doctor in that locality bemoaning the felling of 30-year-old trees for constructing this totally unnecessary flyover. I’m beginning to think that the flyover is a/an (af)front to make use of this valuable timber. Does anyone in this city care about trees? The ones who will be affected immediately are the street vendors, presswallas and pedestrians. No, the corporation does not want us to walk anymore. Getting out for something? Get into/onto your vehicle!
In the long run, all of us will be affected by avenue-tree felling. Do we really want a bare city of ugly concrete structures? Here are my questions to those who argue that trees have to be sacrificed for “development”.
[1] Now you say there is no roadspace and to lay swanking new roads, we need to uproot the trees. Right. But you don’t expect people to stop buying vehicles, do you? If it’s something like 21,000 vehicles joining the chaos that is our city streets every month, even these new roads will soon get choked. What will you bring down next? The houses on the roadsides? I mean, is this the right solution?
[2] Has any survey been done about the flyovers built between 1996 and 2001? Has it substantially reduced traffic congestion? Is there a smooth flow of traffic in those areas? Did you leave footpaths when you built flyovers?
[3] What happened to all those trees that were cut off? Have they been transplanted? Where? Have they survived?
[4] The clincher. You say there is no space on the roads. Fine. Then why do you allow haphazard parking everywhere? How come vehicles are parked in every road/street turning, which even a baby knows is against traffic rules? How come new commercial establishments spring up in places where there is no parking space? I have clear examples of these violations on my road. Would anyone care to call me up so I can show them?
[5] Why don’t we impose strict parking rules like any modern city in the world does? Why can’t we create “walk only” areas in T. Nagar?
[6] Back to my first point. Are trees being cut for their value, in the name of flyovers? Comments following Chenthil Nathan’s post would suggest so.




  1. My workplace is next to this construction site. I certainly understand when Chenthil talks about ‘traffic snarls’!

    Comment by Rajesh Kumar — May 26, 2007 @ 9:09 am | Reply

  2. Traffic snarls are temporary, but alas, the death of the trees is permanent.

    Comment by Geeta Padmanabhan — May 26, 2007 @ 6:13 pm | Reply

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