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June 3, 2007

The Elliot’s beach saga – 13 Two letters

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Two people have responded to the new beach plan from the Corporation. Here they are:

Dear Mr.Sathyanarayanan,
My thoughts are clearly in sync with Mr.Raghavan's. I also feel, along with the design of the planned structures and the space taken by them, the concerns of various stakeholders (like hawkers, differently abled, turtles, etc) have to be seen to be addressed in the presentdispensation of improvements. The investment in drainage and maintenance is also surely a real issue.
I feel the critical question is,with what vision of the beach in mind have the improvements been evolved? Sumitra

On 6/3/07, S. RAGHAVAN <> wrote:
Dear Mr. Sathyanarayanan,
There is a saying that it is easier to wheedle milk from a mouse than to extract information from a government body. I have not tried the former but I have tried the latter and usually failed. I should therefore congratulate and all those involved in this effort for not only getting information but being able to get radical changes made in the plan.
On the computer I could not read the small print in the plan denoting the various proposed structures. I saw the plan displayed at the beach this morning but I fared no better. With this handicap I am giving the following comments:

1. It is good to see that the sand has largely been left undisturbed. However since the map is probably not to scale I am unable to judge the percentage of space taken for the various structures shown to the east of the road. I hope it is small. And I hope that the structures are small and blend with the environment.
In general the drainage arrangements at the beach are not satisfactory as can be seen after any spell of rain. I hope this will be taken care of.
. On the southern side, shops and toilet are shown in what looks like an inset map. So it is not clear where they are located. I hope the toilets will have good water supply and drainage.
The old dilapidated building and the restaurant complex at the southern end are not shown. So I presume they will be removed.
. There a car and two-wheeler park shown at one end. Does it mean that roadside parking will not be allowed? If so that is good, but will the allotted parking space be adequate?
More than the plan itself, a commitment is needed that maintenance of the beach and toilets will be organised properly and rules against littering etc. will be strictly enforced. In any meeting you may have with the authorities this needs to be stressed.
With best regards, S. Raghavan


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