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June 3, 2007

The Elliot’s beach saga – 13

Filed under: Language — Geeta Padmanabhan @ 9:12 pm

The Commissioner has come up with a new plan. It tells me a few things about the way the Corporation/Government works.
The plan carries the name of a qualified architect. We had objected to a plan made by students who had not consulted any of the stake-holders and who were inexperienced in matters of town planning. So objection 1 over-ruled.
[2] Objection 2 – no construction within 500 metres of the waterline. It is illegal. So all the construction has been shifted to near the pathway, to near the road. But all the construction will remain.
[3] No gazebos, we said. So we have a pyramid-like structure. No amphi-theatre, but a gallery, lawns and adjacent to that, on the sand side, another walkway.  And the columns will also sprout – only at the far end of the beach.
[4] The hawkers will now move to two designated areas on either side of the sandy area. I’ll wager any amount they will not stay that way.
[5] We submitted a survey that proved that people visiting the beach did not want construction. It will block the view and a lawn is unnecessary on a beach. A beach means clean sand, sea and the sun. We already have two footpaths. We don’t need a third one. Just too bad if you think so.
[6] We also objected to the play area with children’s equipment. But it will be there. So what if the equipment got rusty the last time they were put up? Just too bad.
[7] How about maintenence? Mum is the word.
[8] How about rain water from the street draining into the sand through holes? Mum is the word.
[9] How about maintenence of the lawns? Why do we need lawns on the beach in this water-starved city?
[10] And who will keep the beach clean?
We are beginning to think the contract has already been awarded and so the construction has to take place. The brick and mortar work will be shifted, not cancelled. If we object, we are public enemies.
And to those who said that the beach should be “accessible to everyone”, well, there is no provision for the disabled people to reach the water. This Corporation really cares for disabled people! Wow!


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