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June 5, 2007

World Environment Day

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All right, June 5, 2007  is coming to a close. We heard the worst of the news about the degradation of our environment, all day. Developed countries are the worst offenders when it comes to CO2 emissions. Among the developing (?) countries, India and China are fast catching up with that record.  Aviation brings in the worst pollution. The Himalayas are littered, the Taj Mahal stands in the  middle of filth. Our sacred rivers are choking with sewage. Will we stop throwing plastic around?
Tigress Sita, a very beautiful specimen and probably among the last of her tribe is fighting for life after being shot repeatedly by poachers. Nandan Kanan (Orissa) officials have now sent out an appeal for experts to come and save her.  Our hill stations have become warm. suffer from acute water shortage.
Yes, in small pockets individuals are struggling to save the planet for our children and grandchildren. But those stories are pitifully few.
In Chennai, there was this invitation from CII to join people for a walk to highlight the problems. Young activist friend Dharmesh sent this mail in reply.

I just read about the CII environment walk. It is extremely depressing that a collective of some of the worst corporate criminals can openly talk about saving the world while destroying it at the same time. We heard about this walk from a friend and we were planning a demonstration but due to lack of time we had to cancel.
Activities like these go onto the CSR resume of corporates that they later use as a fig leaf to cover up their act. Most of the members are either guilty of destroying either the environment or the people they claim to benefit. Some of the favorite CSR initiatives of corporates like the ones taht CII hosts – AIDS, Child Rights, Womens Rights, Tsunami Rehab, Tree Planting, Cancer – all important issues but unfortunately used by companies to spruce up their fake social profiles and cover up their filth that otherwise would lay exposed.
CII hosts companies like;
Suez – the largest international private water company responsible for numerous environmental and human right violations. Read about it on

Chemplast Sanmar – a chennai based chemical company with major interest in PVC and other chemicals. This company has single handedly managed to destroy farmlands, ground water, streams leading to River Cauvery and ecosystems in Mettur. Now they are setting up a 200,000 tons per annum PVC plant in SIPCOT Cuddalore despite massive public oppossition read more about it on

Sterlite Industries – a national mineral and mining company responsible for numerous human rights and environmental violations in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu and Orissa. Read more about Orissa at:
A monitoring committee formed by the Supreme Court also found Sterlite responsible for these violation Read more about Sterlite Tuticorin at:

Shell: I neednt talk about the history of this company everyone knows the worlds most notorious Oil giant. 5 major oil corporations contribute to 10% of the earths global warming and Shell is one of them. Just do a google and you will find dirt on them.
Exxon Mobil –
Oil giant do a google for Exxon Mobil + violations. Find the complete list of members on:


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