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June 6, 2007

The Elliot’s beach saga – 12 Response to Corporation’s plan

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Here’s more response to the latest plan from the Corporation. First from Sumitra of Civil Society Group.
I was one of 3 people who responded to Mr.Sathyanarayanan’s call for examining the revised plan onSunday evening. Sharadha couldn’t come due to an eye infection, but both of us feel that two meetings are definitely in order – one, with the BRR person who can advise us on what actually has been presented on the map…its not been done to scale, and looks not to be in proportion as well; the other meeting has to be with the Commissioner.
Mr. Sathyanarayana had said that he’d get back over the first meeting, but hasn’t got
Sharadha has said that she will get in back yet. In the meanwhile, its clear that while at first glance the plan might have changed, 5 to 7.5 metres of beach along the mud road will go to lawns, pogolas, artificial pillars, gallery and paved seating spaces. there has not been much of the actual building planned that’s gone. The vision of the plan leaves much to be desired. touch with Mr. Sathyanarayanan failing which she will contact the BRR person herself.

Here is my take on it. I tried my level best to make out the specifications n the new plan, but couldn’t read the numbers at all.
It’s not about how far the lawns will invade the sand. The idea is, nothing should take the sand area away from the beach, not by an inch. There is a gallery, there are columns, there is a pagola, some 6 metres of lawns and a walk way beyond it to the side of the water. So what has changed? The plan is an optical illusion, just appears to leave a lot of sand untouched.
My questions:
[1] Won’t all this construction block the sea-view? isn’t that the “beauty” we are all talking about?
[2] How can we have such long stretches of lawn in a water-starved city? How will they be maintained? If the Corporation cares so much about th beautification of rthe city, how come the fountain opposite Ambika Appalam in Adyar has become defunct in recent months? I loved seeing it on my way to work.
[3] What about the opinion survey? Didn’t the respondents say they did not want an amphitheatre? Now should we conduct another survey to ask, “Do you need a gallery?”


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