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June 21, 2007

APJ Kalam in the hot seat!

Filed under: Games People Play,Government,Society — Geeta Padmanabhan @ 7:25 pm

Oh, this is absolutely rich! Survey after survey by TV channels and newspapers and the mail to his own website clearly indicate the nation (at least the thinking population  of the nation) overwhelmingly wants Kalam to continue to occupy the R Bhavan for a second term.
The third front christened UNPA (ha!) has chosen him as its candidate. In some ways this is a masterstroke. The alliance’s first move, and they look like they are reflecting popular opinion, the choice of the people! The opposition NDA is sitting on the fence. The UPA is of course solidly behind Pratibha Patil. A woman for Prez! Look what we are doing for women’s empowerment!
And Kalam has agreed to be Prez if there is “certainty” whatever that means. In my previous post I had said that he wouldn’t want to “contest”. Consider this as the latest missile from the Kalam camp. Political it may be, but we’ll hope it has the same firepower as the ones he developed at the DRDO.  
This should intrigue all of us. Why is the union government so vehemently opposed to Kalam’s candidature? Why didn’t they want thim for a second term? How has Pratibha Patil become so crucial to the nation’s welfare now? Let’s think about it.
One thing seems fairly certain. In a democracy, is the government supposed to reflect “popular” opinion? If it resolutely refuses to do so, what can we do? I think we should start talking about it in every forum we can find. We can start by bombarding the Prez’s website. We can send letters to the press, wherever we are. Talk about it in public places. We need to make our opinion count. The government cannot arrogantly think that the people are incapable of thinking and the thinking for the people must be done by the 70+ guys sitting in the cabinet.
That brings up another question. Why can’t they take a poll in the parliament itself? How many of them want Kalam to continue? They are also people’s reps, right?
Pratibha Patil, meanwhile, has resigned as Governor of Rajasthan. We live in interesting times, as I said.
And MK has gone on record saying the third front has insulted Kalam by choosing him without taking his consent. By this logic, all of you guys rooting for APJ have insulted him too! Mmm…

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  1. Hey Mr.Kalam you got my vote! That should have counted for something but this is the Indian way so.. Anyway,I’ll pray! That should work! Ma’am you for Mr.Kalam?

    Comment by Karishma — June 22, 2007 @ 6:37 pm | Reply

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